Boston Children “Painting for Peace” after Boston Marathon Bombing

Martin Richard

8-year-old bombing victim, Martin Richard

Martin Richard, an 8-year-old boy, was tragically the youngest person killed in the Boston Marathon bombing.  But, his death has served to inspire the creation of the “Painting for Peace” project in Dorchester, Mass., the Richard family’s hometown, to paint a 100-foot-long roll of wallpaper with swirls of color and the message held up on an art project by young Martin in a picture that went around the world last week: “No more hurting people. Peace.”

Seeing that message inspired organizers who felt the message of peace had an important place in the response to the tragedy of the bombing and the healing process.  The 100 foot banner now greets drivers passing under the Savin Hill Bridge over Interstate 93 heading into Boston. About 25 to 50 volunteers of all ages helped create the banner, cards and other paintings and drawings as part of the project.

Many parents expressed gratitude to being a part of it and allowing their children to have a place to express things that are beyond words for them.  Using art allows the children to put their energy into something creative in order to express those emotions.

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