Officially Opened for Business!

Online art gallery opens for business, offers amazing deals

It’s been a long time coming (and a while since the soft opening), but after many months and numerous tweaks, Art is Long, Life is Short ( is finally open and poised to become the premiere online art gallery for your art decor needs.  At its opening, Art is Long, Life is Short has focused its catalog on a wide array of faithfully recreated masterpieces by artists such as Monet, Dali, van Gogh, and Renoir. These pieces are hand-painted reproductions of the original in oil paint on canvas which are shipped to the buyer rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube.  This allows the gallery to offer both very affordable prices and free shipping worldwide.  And with a catalog of nearly 1,000 paintings available, and more being added daily, the selection is hard to beat.

“Keeps getting better”

Fortunately, the Art is Long, Life is Short art gallery plans to keep expanding its offering.  According to Amber Sym, model/actress and one of the gallery’s owners, “Art is Long, Life is Short just keeps getting better.  We keep adding new reproductions of famous paintings, but we also plan to expand soon into original works by modern artists, sculpture, photography, and other mediums.  We are also investigating adding additional services like custom framing and possibly even a way of introducing customers to our artists for commission works.  There are going to be a lot of very exciting changes to come in the near future!”

Many great deals

According to Kylie Coakley, another model type, and one of the other owners of, aside from the gallery’s regular prices, the site already offers a number of special deals.  For those users who support the gallery’s budding business plan by contributing to their donation campaign (which can be found at there are a number of rewards including free paintings, conversations with the site’s lovely owners (perhaps one of the best rewards for the site’s young male fans), autographed photos, and others.  The site also offers unadvertised specials for valued customers, such as a discount for purchasing in bulk (3 or more) or referring friends.  Some of these offers may require a call or email to the site owners, but could be well worth the extra effort, particularly for design professionals who will be buying large quantities. currently uses Paypal for secure payment processing and is offering free shipping worldwide on all orders of their high-quality, hand-painted oil painting reproductions.

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